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For the safety of the children and the comfort of our clients, we ask that children under 12 years old not accompany you on your visit, unless they have a booked appointment and are  being serviced. Please make any necessary child care arrangements prior to arrival.


Loc Extensions


Loc repair

Mobile Services

Permanent loc extensions

Custom Coloring

Custom Coloring of Locs are

available by consultation.  Schedule yours today! Click on the button below!

VIP Loc Experience

We offer mobile services for VIP or elderly clientele.  Email us to find out about this service!


Starter Locs

How should I start my locs?

If you have at least 2-4 inches of natural hair, with a defined curl pattern and patience, I recommend the traditional route of starter loc coils.


If you have relaxed, or straight hair, the insta loc method is for you. Skip the "ugly" stage and receive mature locs instantly in 1 day.


Parts are the crowning foundation to your loc journey. It solely depends on what you want to achieve, which parting option should be chosen...

If you like your hair extremly neat, organized, and perfect you would choose bricklay, triangle, or box parting (this creates straight even lines when creating flat twist and braided styles).

If you want a more wild and free natural appearance, you would choose free-form parting. There are no straight lines or parts; hair is pulled naturally to create locs.


ALL service prices are at STARTING PRICE. 

For your convenience we have 2 stylist to choose from,

Click below to begin.


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